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The Beacon Lite: Hello Summer!

Monday, July 10, 2017
Hello Summer! We are all excited it is here. Time to spend with friends and family. It is a time to rest mentally and physically from another year.
Though it is a time to rejuvenate it is also a time for reflection. As teachers, we constantly reflect on our year. We think of what we did well and how to improve upon certain areas. We are always thinking about being more efficient and getting more done.
As teachers, we shouldn’t forget about collaboration. It is so much more enjoyable and time efficient to work with your colleagues to divide and conquer. Many of us, meet over the summer and come up with plans for the following year. This is a great idea to make the transition from summer to the school year a bit easier. Everyone feels more at ease when they feel prepared or at least teamed up with others. So reach out to those colleagues, have a BBQ, and plan a little.
This summer is also a time for educating oneself and uniting. As we all know, the Constitutional Convention will be upon us. Please remember to educate yourself using the materials provided to you and on the NYSUT website. When it comes time to unite and gather-please make every effort to do so. As teachers and union members, we need to stay united to not lose all that has been earned before us.
This summer is also a time to stay involved. We all have knowledge of the health problems at Frank Long but many of us suffer from them. We need to stay united and participate in making our schools the best environments possible. Stay diligent, attend meetings, and support our students and colleagues.
Finally, just remember how intense our jobs really are. Pat yourself on the back, give yourself a hug because you did it. You impacted your students and made a difference in their lives. That is never an easy task.
Enjoy the summer but stay active we all need to be in this together!
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